Evolution into Field Consciousness

It is presumptuous to try to predict where evolution may take us next. However, if  we can grasp where the gaping holes exist in our present consciousness, the sources of our problems, perhaps we can express a guess, or at least a hope, about that trajectory. Beyond doubt, our sense of separation from the Earth, from the Cosmos, from our other co-journer species, and from our fellow humans is one of the culprits. It may be that our habit of self-referencing and separation has played a survival role for us up to now. Perhaps it has been necessary to our development. At this juncture, however, it is producing exploitation of the Earth and other humans, threatening our future and our very survival. One has the sense that the primate mind, fixated in a tiny, local, primarily personal frame of reference, is leading us to destruction. We must widen the screen of our consciousness or be eliminated in due course from the drama. We can hope that evolution of consciousness will strike here, enlarging our awareness and our framework, and producing a more accurate picture of the reality of life.

That development may be labeled “Field Consciousness.” Field Consciousness is an awareness, carried consciously thoughout daily life, that we are embedded into, part and parcel of, the Sea of intelligent Livingness around us. We are temporary aggregations of sub-atomic particles or Being, and, though individually we melt back into the Field, the Field Itself is eternal and ever-unfolding. We need to develop a new awareness of ourselves woven into the life systems around us, an integral part of the panorama.

All of the creatures and forms of our world, as well as ourselves, are emerging out of this Field, and ultimately subsiding back into it. Field Consciousness makes the Field Itself, mysterious and fecund, the primary focus of attention. The individual human, even oneself, exists and has importance only as a component of the Field. We would, with Field Consciousness, finally see ourselves in context, an integral part of the Whole.

The development of Field Consciousness in the human species would be a leap as great as the previous leap from simple animal consciousness to human self-consciousness, when we became aware that we are aware. It would make the interests of not only the human group but the eco-systems of the Earth the main focus. It would lessen the impulse to exploit the group and the earth’s resources for individual benefit. The interests of the world community, including other species and future generations, would be attended to because they would also be the individual’s interest. Field Consciousness would be a natural evolutionary outgrowth of our emerging realization that the Universe and everything in it is one singular organism. We must develop an awareness of our “Inter-being.” The groundwork is already laid, although only recently in the West. In the East, this realization is at least 3,500 years old. Facing us is the prospect of moving from a realization held by a few great minds ahead of their time to one held by the billions that make up the human species. Only Being, with its infinite resources and primal creative powers, can move us to such an evolution. And, time grows short. It is a daunting task. However, the resources of Being are unlimited. It is metamorphosing Itself and every object in the Cosmos unceasingly. Being appears to have a predisposition towards sustaining and complexifying life. Our experience on Earth proves this. Perhaps It will intervene in our favor, and expand our consciousness to the new vistas where it needs to go. We can hope.

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