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Loss of Being

iUniverse, pub., 106 pp. Nov. 2005, $12.95

Loss of Being deals with the core illness of modern Western consciousness,

separation from Being, the living, unmanifest Field of our existence. The separation leaves us empty, alienated, threatened, and in despair, producing the angst and desolation that characterizes the modern Western mind. This

book is presented as a personal journey wrapped around a teaching. In 1985, Don Nix entered a time of personal crisis and emotional

disintegration, which he defined as burnout. He and his wife moved to California and spent a year at Esalen Institute, then moved to San Francisco and joined a transformational work-school. In that experience, he discovered that burnout was only a symptom of his real problem, loss of Being. The book traces his ten-year experience in the work-school, and includes the teachings that took him back to health. It will appeal to those seeking healing from burnout, those looking for spiritual depth and meaning, and those in despair at modern life. A deep, almost desperate hunger exists in our culture for fresh and grounded spiritual insight. This book speaks directly to that longing.

The Field of Being

iUniverse, pub., 106 pp. July, 2009, $12.95

In our time, the discoveries of quantum physics are folding back to meet the expressions of the ancient Wisdom Traditions. Our understanding of reality, propounded by Rene Descartes and Isaac Newton, and assumed to be eternally valid, is dissolving into something new and mysterious. While the earlier reality involved an assemblage of independent, material parts existing in a stable, static universe of empty space, the new emerging reality is neither stable nor static. It is a universe of probabilities rather than predictable cause and effect. It functions less like a machine and more like a dynamic web of interpenetrating things and events. Space itself is not empty but a plenum, filled with seething sub-atomic particles. Material forms and light are merging into one. This reality is not yet fully in place. One of the major benefits of this massive shift in understanding is the possibility that the split between spiritual reality and scientific reality may be moving towards healing. The two bodies of thought share a goal of attempting to understand the reality of the universe. After 400 years of polarization, the two appear now to be converging. Among the disturbing trends of our world, this is one that is profoundly encouraging.

Moments of Grace (77 poems)



iUniverse, pub. 81 pp., December, 2009, $9.95

We live in tenuous times, threatened by our own successes, talents and fecundity. We need to evolve our consciousness quickly, as individuals and as a culture, if we are to survive. That necessary evolution must include a new sense of belonging to the Cosmos. The 77 poems collected here record the author’s experiences of groping toward and grappling with the unseen Presence that lies beneath the material world, and out of which life emerges.


Patterns of Being

iUniverse, 93 pp., March, 2010, $11.95,

We live in perilous times. We face a host of problems, mostly self-created, that appear to be insurmountable. We need to move beyond the impulses of the primate mind and its habit of separateness into a new human consciousness. It may be essential to our survival. We need a leap in the evolution of our consciousness that would take us to a larger and deeper worldview, and change the way we do things. Our old system of reality, which has underpinned our progress for the last 400 years, is eroding. Based on cause and effect, it was not large enough. Although quantum physics has thrown up the beginnings of a new framework, it is still largely unformed. Part of that new, emerging reality might be Harmonic Patterns. Held in the invisible depths of Being, these patterns structure all realities as they emerge fully formed into the material realm. They orchestrate reality, and provide the order and structure upon which our lives depend. In this book, Don C. Nix proposes that we look closely at Harmonic Patterns and accept them into our reality as companions to cause and effect. Harmonic patterns are everywhere we look. They are the innate nature of Being, emerging as Being turns itself into the manifest world. We need to make a place for them.



Dancing with Presence (77 poems)

iUniverse, 93 pp., May, 2010, $11.95

Somehow we have become disconnected from the infinite Ocean of Life that is our Source and our support in life. Our view of reality has, over the last four centuries, narrowed to the point where the core of the Cosmos—Being Itself—has been excluded. As a result, our lives are full of despair, desolation and fear. Most people do not realize what is wrong. Now, however, the results of having lost Being in our worldview have become so unpleasant that many of us are reaching out toward Invisible Livingness, struggling to try to recapture the ground of our lives. The 77 poems in this little book record this struggle. They document some of the many facets of the struggle, some successes and some failures, in the effort to grow a new consciousness that includes awareness of Majesty. We are all the Cosmos turning back to look at its handiwork, and as we evolve our consciousness that will become ever more clear to us.



The Crucible of the Miraculous (81 poems)

iUniverse 95 pp., June 2010, $11.95

Life is an amazing strangeness. We arrive as beings bundled in a tiny, material body, and we spend the entire arc of our lives trying to figure out what is going on and what it is all about. To live a human life is to be caught in a process of alchemy. The world is a miraculous crucible that burns us, pounds us, and whirls us around in a rough process that eventually transforms us, remakes us and teaches us deep lessons. We wind up in a very different place than where we began. We become wiser about ourselves and reality, and larger than when we started. The 81 poems in this little book chronicle one person’s experience of life’s crucible. Though they record an individual journey, given the patterns in human experience they also have aspects that are universal. Many readers will find material that is deeply familiar in their own lives. We are all engaged in working our way back to Living Light.



The Matrix of Splendor
( 77 poems)

iUniverse, pub., 77 pp. Aug. 2010, $11.95

We have lost our way. We are caught in a mistake of history that tells us that we live in a dead and empty Cosmos. When we believe this, it leaves us depressed, in despair and frantic to find meaning in our lives. Money, goods and fame cannot assuage the emptiness. A full calendar will not cover it for long.

What can bring relief is the integration of Being into our worldview. We must live our way into the realization that the Cosmos is alive, conscious, intelligent, creative and generative of our world. We must redefine the Cosmos as a miraculous Field of Livingness. We must include Being, the core of reality, in our understanding. Then the emptiness that we are experiencing will yield to fullness. We are part of something so mysterious and magnificent, so vast, powerful, beautiful and creative that it should continually stun us with wonder. We are graced with the consciousness to perceive this. Including the experience of Being will lift our spirits—permanently. It will carry us back home, where we belong, inside the Matrix of Splendor.



The Ocean of Livingness ( 77 poems)

iUniverse, pub., 77 pp. Oct. 2010, $9.95

The unfolding of the Cosmos is a single, uninterrupted creative event from the Big Bang to us. Quantum Physics is telling us these days that the universe is not a collection of separate objects floating and colliding in space, but a single web of total inter-connection. Thus, there are no boundaries of time or space to hold a localized creativity. If creativity exists anywhere in the universe, it exists everywhere. Similarly, though science is not ready to go there yet, the entire Field of the universe is alive and awake. Because the Cosmos is an absolute singularity, there cannot be localized life or localized awareness. The entire Field must exhibit these phenomena.

These new ideas of Quantum Physics track, remarkably and rather minutely, the ancient Hindu concept of Brahman, which the ancients formulated from direct observation and pure intuition. This should be humbling to our present-day scientists, who are inclined to dismiss all aspects of human knowledge not obtained through their preferred procedures.

The singularity of the universe means that we exist inside an Ocean of Livingness—miraculous, alive, creative, and conscious. The 77 poems in this little book are an attempt to write from within the new consciousness. We are living in a time when our understanding of macro-reality is shifting radically. It is an interesting time to be alive on the earth.



The Rainbow Earth ( 77 poems)

iUniverse, pub., 83 pp. Sep. 2010, $9.95

We see only a fraction of what is around us. Preoccupied with our internal conversation and with our problems and crises, we do not see most of Reality. Our perceptions are atrophied. At moments the veils can lift, and we can see directly, without concepts or conditioning. In those moments, the world becomes magical, stunningly beautiful and infinitely mysterious. While in this state, the simplest things can move us to strong emotion and wonder.

The 77 poems in this little book are all about the struggle to develop and re-claim this awareness of the Miraculous. The living Cosmos is presenting Itself to us every moment. We must wake up and learn to see.



First Light ( 77 poems)

iUniverse, pub., 77 pp. Jan. 2011, $9.95

We are evolving rapidly. However, it is anyone’s guess whether we can grow up fast enough to avoid destroying ourselves. Everywhere we look there is massive change, but the amount of change required to save ourselves is monumental. We must literally change the worldview of billions of people. We must have a leap in evolution that takes us to another way of viewing reality. We must move beyond our separateness and isolation. And we must do it quickly.

Quantum physics has thrown open a doorway that might give us a way out. In characterizing the universe as a singularity without parts, a “Unified Field,” it has perhaps laid the foundation for a new worldview that is beyond separateness. If we can grow ourselves into a new awareness that we are an integral part of the Field of Being, and that the entire Field is alive, conscious, intelligent, creative and unfolding, then perhaps our separateness can yield to being subsumed in Something sacred and miraculous. Life and reality would look quite different through this lens. It is appearing now. It is coming. The question is whether we have enough time.

This Shimmering Life ( 78 poems)

iUniverse, pub., 85 pp. Sep. 2011, $11.95

We are evolving rapidly. It’s a good thing, because we have exhausted this current phase in the unfolding evolution of our consciousness. For a couple of millennia, we have been wholly trapped in separateness. In the last 400 years, we also have been trapped in the mesmerizing material world. It has produced a worldview with a vision of the Cosmos as a dead, empty void, mechanically revolving like clockwork, with only a few bits of life, like ourselves, in it. This worldview has left us in desolation and despair.
Now things are shifting. All over the world, a new consciousness is emerging. Spawned in large part by the discoveries of quantum physics, this new awareness is moving us toward a re-ensoulment of the world. We are realizing that the Cosmos is awake and aware, and that livingness and consciousness are elements of Its primordial nature. We are realizing, incrementally, that the unfolding of the Cosmos is a single, seamless, creative event, and that we are the end product of that vast emergence. We are realizing that the story of the Cosmos, from the Big Bang to us, is our story, and that we are the Cosmos in human form. This awareness traces ancient realizations, literally thousands of years old. We are now recapturing Living Divinity, which exists all around us, and of which we are an integral part. It comes not a moment too soon.

The Sea of Sensitivity

iUniverse, pub., 89 pp., November, 2011, $11.95

Wonder is the invisible component of transformation. It is a special kind of consciousness, an expanded state that involves both the mind and the heart. It focuses the mind on generative Being, and produces a subtle thrill throughout the mind and body, as perceptions of and connection to the Cosmos emerge in experience. Wonder opens the mind to Being, and the body to experiences of depth and sacredness. If the state persists for any length of time, it will create experiences of mystery and infinity. It opens the eyes. It opens the heart. It generates gratitude, as we contemplate the grace cascading upon us, and perceive ourselves in a context of Vastness. It causes us, for a moment, to step outside of our separateness and open ourselves to the Cosmos.
Wonder is vastly under-rated. It is not usually considered in the list of human experiences that we consider to be important states in life, such as love, compassion and joy. It deserves more of our attention, however, because wonder is a unique door opening, a portal to connection with the invisible, living, generative Field of Being that surrounds us and sustains our life on this Earth. Wonder is, in the moment, a heightened sensitivity to the miraculous that enfolds us every moment that we are alive. It lifts us out of our torpor. If we can wake ourselves from our sleep, we will find ourselves living in a perpetual state of wonder.


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