Slow Metamorphosis

        We are in the midst of a shape-shifting, metamorphosing magic show. We call it Life. Its raw materials are protoplasm and material. It appears to us, at the level of our senses, as a three-dimensional world of solid forms. However, we are aware that this is not the primary reality. At a level far beneath the visible forms, and far beneath our senses, we are space—living, sentient space that has a small number of flashing, alive, tiny packets of energy and information scattered through it. Our reality at this deep, sub-atomic level is no less real than our three-dimensional form, though it is infinitely more mysterious. In short, we are intelligent space held together by the Field. This is not the way we usually think of ourselves.

The shape-shifting quality of this magic show is unfolding slowly, so slowly that we cannot observe its changes, and we usually forget that it is happening. We remember it when we look backward in time, and observe that not so long ago we were searching for food in the trees. Then, we came down onto the savannahs, stood up on two legs, and grew our brains larger. Shortly after that, we were cowering around a fire in a cave, trying to figure out how to keep warm and keep from getting eaten, in a world of nameless forces and real and frightening threats.

Today, the magic show continues. We call it evolution. We look at ourselves in our present form, and, if we think of our future shape-shifting at all, cannot imagine what we will become. Mostly, it doesn’t occur to us. Focused on our daily fears, problems, hopes, dreams, and catastrophes, we usually don’t bother to raise our heads to consider the possibilities. Even without our attention, however, the process continues. Pushed by mysterious, creative, transformative forces in the Field, the fluidity of our form and our consciousness continues to alter, taking us slowly to new and surprising places. Occasionally, and perhaps now in our case, the pace of the transformation picks up. The molding force of the Field around us, in response to impending crisis, speeds up the metamorphosing process and changes the game. This appears to be happening now. We can hope that it is.

Our crisis is self-induced. It comes largely from our success as a species, from our extraordinary gifts of intelligence and language, from our prolific ability to reproduce ourselves, and to take dominance over Earth’s life-forms. It comes also from a quirk that we have developed as we shifted our shape through time—the habit of considering ourselves to be separate from our context, separate from the Earth, separate from the other life-forms, and separate from the other humans around us. Though it is obviously not reality that we each stand alone, isolated and separated from our context, we have become attached to this way of thinking about ourselves.

It has landed us in a heap of trouble. From hewing to this self-absorbed, separatist way of conceiving ourselves, we have lost our sense of belonging in the Universe. We have lost our ground. We have lost touch with the Field of Being out of which we emerge, that is the source of our beating heart, our pumping lungs, and the trillion processes that hold us in being every second. As a result, we are separately and collectively in despair, desolate, alone, threatened, and vulnerable. In the mindlessness of our self-absorption, we are trashing our planet, destroying our co-journer fellow life-forms, and, raising the intensity of the crisis to ever higher levels, now threatening our own continued existence. We must evolve now, and we must do it quickly. Our old state of consciousness has become lethal for ourselves, for other life-forms, and for the planet. We must evolve ourselves out of it or disappear from Earth as a life-form.

What would an evolution look like that would end our illusion of separateness? It would involve a new Field consciousness—the awareness that we are an integral piece of a vast, unified Field of Livingness—conscious, sentient, intelligent, creative and invisible.

Development of Field consciousness would bring an end to our isolation and alienation. We would once again feel that we belong to the Earth and to the Universe. We would be supported and nurtured by a system of Life that is so deep and so majestic that we can only absorb tiny glimpses of It. We would finally be in our proper relation to our life-support systems. The impulse to act for individual gain at the expense of the system would become an aberration. We would look for ways to enhance the working of the system, rather than looking for ways to exploit it. Competition and self-aggrandizement would lessen. We would enter and begin to evolve some kind of group consciousness, in which our basic identity would be as a working member of the group. Our individual efforts would be directed toward the welfare of the group, because that would also be our own primary interest. Coming from where we are today, this would be an evolution into a whole new basis for living our lives and making our decisions. Such an evolutionary leap could not be contemplated unless it was required for survival. That, most probably, is exactly our situation now.

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