The Radiant Particle

          Our real identity, our True Self, is a radiant particle in the Field of Being. The emphasis here is on the whole, singularity, the absence of separation. Our personal identity, including our name, personal history, personal wounds, triumphs and griefs, our hopes and fears and desires, are ephemeral, secondary and passing. The truth is communion, oneness, identification with the Field. The Unified Field is our basic identity.

There is no loss involved in giving up separateness. It involves moving closer to Reality. Though it has fueled our development for millennia, perhaps since we came down out of the trees, it has now become an impediment to our further unfolding. The separateness imprinted on our nervous system is now the root of immense human suffering, in the form of isolation, alienation and despair. A posture of self-absorption is also at the base of the despoiling of our planet. If we honestly ask ourselves the question: “Where are we now?” the answer is: “we are lonely, desolate, alienated and in despair. Our planet is struggling to maintain itself in the face of our on-slaught and heedlessness. Our prospects, with our present mind-set and worldview, are very dim.”

This is exactly the kind of impasse that the Cosmos has, in the past, faced and resolved. Its style is a burst of hyper-evolution. In the early stages of life on the planet, the tiny organisms, in their success, began to manufacture so much oxygen that it threatened the existence of life on Earth. Oxygen is a very volatile gas, and in large quantities was toxic to organisms on Earth. However, oxygen was the waste product of the currently successful life-forms on Earth, and it poured into the atmosphere in enormous, dangerous quantities. The concentration of oxygen threatened to halt everything. For some period of time, the future of life on Earth hung in the balance. The prospects did not look encouraging. It was a time when the entire Earth system was under the sword, just as it is now.

Then, a solution materialized out of the Field. Some life-forms, such as blue-green algae, miraculously learned to eat oxygen and use it for energy. The new fad spread rapidly. As they consumed oxygen, it was taken out of the atmosphere, lowering the concentration in the air to about 21%, optimal for life, where it has remained ever since. The Field found a way out of the oxygen dilemma, and life on Earth continued its development.

The moral of the story is that our salvation lies in evolution. We must now evolve in some haste. The source of evolution or metamorphosis is in the Field. It is Its nature to be restlessly creative, to metamorphose, to generate and implement change in the material realm. And, It has a bias toward life. Time and again, in the unfolding of the Universe, the Field has created conditions very delicately attuned to the emergence, continuity, and further development of life. For instance, the Universe is now expanding at exactly the rate required to keep our world and our galaxy together. Any slower and we could not be here. Any faster and we could not be here. It is a primary talent of the Field to keep conditions within the parameters where life can flourish.

The Field is on our side in our efforts to continue to exist. Its bias is for life to flourish and complexify. The Universe is not the empty, black, threatening and indifferent vastness that we have previously thought. Nor is it the kingly, micro-managing, puppet-master of religion’s vision. It is simply the Field, vast, powerful, unfolding, evolving, metamorphosing, and endlessly  creative. It has intelligence and consciousness, but it is nothing like the intelligence of humans. It is vastly deeper, so much so that when we get a tiny experience of Its capacities we are electrified.

The powers of the Field should keep us in a permanent state of amazement and wonder. We exist every day in the midst of a gigantic light and magic show. It is shimmering around us in every moment, mysterious, stunningly beautiful, profound in its depth, and sustaining Itself effortlessly for our inspection. It is endlessly creating and metamorphosing Itself into new forms, while maintaining, in perfect balance and in a trillion ways, the existing system that It has unfolded up to this point. It is a great privilege to be alive within this Field. It is a great gift. The gift has been and continues to be bestowed upon us, but we have been too self-absorbed, too asleep, and too underdeveloped and immature to perceive it.

We must do our part in the evolution that is being forced upon us. The Field has so organized Its Sea of sub-atomic particles that It has created our forms and those of other species. In the subsequent endowment of consciousness, It selected us as the prime recipients of advanced awareness. It continues to expand that awareness now in our crisis. In a real way, our responses to the problems facing us are the Field contemplating and ministering to the Field. Human intelligence is now an important factor in Earth’s evolution.

We can expect to see a process of trial and error employed, because that is Its style. The outcome is uncertain. The continuance of the Earth experiment is in the balance. It is certain that we must act ourselves, to the best of our ability, to solve our dilemmas. We are the Field. We are Its fingers and instrumentalities. We are the application of the Field, well-designed and adapted to the task, through which solutions may come. Intervention will not come from on high. It will come through us.

There are signs of unfolding evolution everywhere. At the very moment of our greatest, self-induced crisis, we seem to be waking up to new realities. These realities were there all along, over the 13.7 billion years of the universe and the 4 billion years of the Earth. We were not yet evolved enough to perceive them, however. Now, it appears that evolution is opening our eyes.

The realization of the Field as the primary reality carries with it a number of beneficial corollaries. With the living, intelligent and conscious Field as our worldview, we would no longer be miserably separate. We would no longer be fearfully unsupported. We could regain our rightful place in the Universe. We could belong to this vast system. We could once again feel the holding of the Field of Being.

Awareness of the Field might also re-shape our greedy, competitive, self-serving instincts. If every particle in the Field is equally divine and important, then every other person, species, and inanimate object has equal sanctity. Everything is sacred. Everything is derived from living particles, arranging themselves temporarily in form. It is all divine. It is all sacred. It is all worthy of our devotion.

If we could evolve in this direction quickly enough to save ourselves, perhaps we would find ourselves in a new realm, a re-enchanted Universe compelling our wonder and admiration. Perhaps we could regain the sense of sacredness that we have presently lost and long to recapture.

The Field will assist us in this re-enchantment. It is Its nature. It is always pushing in the direction of wholeness, health, balance and perfect integration of parts. It is our ally. It is our best hope. It is shaping Its future unfolding, even now, through us. We are quickly evolving into a new consciousness, Field Consciousness, and it could possibly save us and our planet.


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