Multiple Universes

Although there appears to be a single material universe, Being is generating an infinite number of mental universes within consciousness. These multiple universes exist simultaneously, side by side. Each human being exists in his/her own individual, idiosyncratic universe. Each of these human frameworks in consciousness is totally unique. Nothing is generic. Each soul is on its own personal journey of the soul, working its way through its own personal universe, and each of those universes has its own set of values, perceptions and interpretations.

Thus, humans are faced with the necessity of interacting with the universes of others, without knowing how things are arranged and how they appear in those other realities. This is, to say the least, challenging. We cannot critique another person’s universe. We can only stand in awe of it and try to glimpse and understand its workings and assumptions. We can try to perceive it from the outside. The only thing that we can know for sure is that the realities in that other universe, that other center of consciousness, are different from our own. We can only interact from that place.

The idea of multiple universes is a thesis currently under serious consideration in science. However, the scientific version of this idea envisions multiple universes that are physical. This is in line with the current assumption in science that the material, physical universe is the ultimate and only reality.

The idea that multiple universes might exist in consciousness is similar, except that they are considered to exist in consciousness rather than materially. This is consistent with the belief that consciousness is the primary, primordial reality in the Cosmos, that material reality is only an epiphenomenon, or byproduct, of the Cosmic consciousness. Being, with its infinite creativity and generativity, is fully capable of generating an infinite number of mental universes simultaneously. Our life as humans is a hall of mirrors, or an infinite number of dreams being dreamed by Being. Can Being dream 8 billion dreams simultaneously? I think so.

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