The Field of the Cosmos is not only seething with living, sub-atomic particles, it is alive with consciousness. We are having to work our way back to the truth that consciousness is an omnipresent, ethereal presence in the Universe. Descartes, 400 years ago, separated consciousness from the body and from matter. Effective inquiry into consciousness in the West was frozen at that point, as the world followed and built on Descartes’ vision, including his mechanical view of the universe. It could have been different. Ancient cultures almost universally conceived the Universe to be a vast, living and conscious arena, pervaded by a Life-force that was the source of health and robustness. Generally, they anthropomorphized the Life-force into an archetypal image of a God or a Goddess that embodied the Force. Beneath the images, however, were perceptions of livingness and consciousness abroad in the Universe.

Perhaps there is treasure in the trash. Perhaps the West was fulfilling a deep need in human evolution by focusing on the material realm to the exclusion of all unmanifest realities. The intense concentration of the West on manifest reality, matter and its inter-actions, has unfolded the secrets and workings of matter extremely quickly and efficiently. It has moved our evolution along exponentially, and changed our lives and our possibilities beyond recognition. We are much the better for it.

However, at this point in time a correction is needed. The exclusive concentration of science on matter has left us alienated and desolate, an intruder in our own cosmic home. Without the experience of the living Ocean of Being as the context of our experience, human life has become trivial and de-sacralized. Dropping spirit out of human life has dropped our heart out. It has left us disoriented and confused, lost in a dead, empty and threatening Universe. It has abstracted the living core from Life, leaving a dry, empty husk behind.

In this context, the present, on-going scientific inquiry into consciousness is investigating how, but not if, the brain produces consciousness. The mechanical model of Descartes simmers beneath the entire project. The research is yielding useful results, as the brain is mapped and specific areas are correlated with various human functions. However, a brain functioning as a filter would operate in the same manner. On the prime question of the source of consciousness, the research is reductive and blinkered. The basic question of the source of consciousness is evidently not being asked.

A few intrepid researchers are venturing out of the box to explore whether consciousness might reside outside the brain in the Field. Carl Pribram and Walter Schemp have seriously investigated the possibility that consciousness is both within and outside our bodies, that our brains do not generate consciousness but simply receive it from the Field. In this line of thought, even our memories may be stored outside in the Field, and accessed through frequencies, as needed. This view considers that our brain, like the Field around us, makes use of quantum processes. We know that the Field of quantum wave/particles is a Field of information. We know that energy and information are encoded and transferred through the Field of wave/particles. The new views of consciousness are bringing our speculations about the brain into line with what we know about the Field. The boundaries between ourselves and the Field are being progressively eroded. One day, perhaps, after further evolution, we will be able to perceive ourselves as one with the Field, not just joined together but rather a singularity. We are the Field. It is our basic nature, and the basic nature of the world. It is the basic nature of all Creation.

The new research on consciousness is just beginning to open doors for further inquiry into the possibilities. It is, of course, fiercely resisted by scientists of the old school, who continue locked into explanations based on the mechanistic model. It may take some time and considerable good research to move the scientific establishment off dead center. In the meantime, the rest of us are perfectly free to evolve at our own pace. We each have our own pool of consciousness to contemplate. We are free to move ourselves into a larger view, the view that we exist and are an integral part of a vast Ocean of living, intelligent consciousness that is our own basic nature. If we choose, we can watch the play of the Field of consciousness as it unfolds Itself over time, and expresses Its basic nature and creativity in material and immaterial form.

The world of forms is emerging from the Field of consciousness. This is the same thing as saying that the world of forms is emerging from the Field of sub-atomic particles. There is no split between consciousness and particles. The particles are alive. Their nature is consciousness. We can scarcely get our minds around the miracle of living consciousness. It is at the heart of all creation, the core of the universal Field. Before our eyes, science is moving toward proving the miraculous.


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