The Optimal Thrust

Looking back over the story of the Universe, it is apparent that the unfolding did not occur in a random manner. The Field does not operate in a mindless, mechanical mode. There is observable pattern and design in the unfolding. There is coherence. There is direction, and there is an arc to the story line. The Universe is unfolding Itself with a thrust toward the optimal. It is slowly moving Itself toward more consciousness, more complexity, and more variety. It has a bias toward more life.

When we try to grasp the invisible Force that is coordinating and giving coherence to the unfolding, we can scarcely conceive It. It consists of an intelligent dynamic in the unfolding. It is much more in the process itself, the collation and organization of the discrete steps in the process. There is no one thing in particular to see, no one thing to grab onto and say: “See! This is evidence of intelligence working!” The case for living intelligence in the Cosmos must rest finally on Its handiwork as a whole, and on the story of how It got to this place where we find ourselves today.

It is estimated that there are one trillion interactions and processes occurring every second in order to keep a human body alive. We know with certainly that our bodies are composed of a vast number of cells, each of which is a separate, living entity. Under the proper conditions, each cell can live on its own outside the body. We are, in actuality, a composite creature, a colony of cells that, like a coral reef, builds a single, functioning whole. We are a walking, talking, thinking, fleshy composite of countless, seething, individual life-forms.

The current work in stem-cell research underlines this view. The same stem-cell, according to demands, can become an eye cell or a kidney cell or a brain cell. Its eventual function in the body does not depend on its own unchangeable nature, but rather on some mysterious quality of Being that endows it with the capacities that are needed for the task at hand. It is being organized by the Field to meet the demands of life. Life is shaping the stem-cell to fulfill the functions momentarily required by life. This is the miraculous quality of the Field in full regalia, operating right in front of our eyes, the optimal thrust made visible.

Creatures on Earth are also in a mutually dependent dance with the first life-form on the planet—bacteria. In the primeval oceans, bacteria were the first to appear. They diversified exponentially, as they found different solutions to life’s questions around survival. Some of them ate each other to exist. Others divided up the work and formed co-operative, mutually enhancing unions. They became symbiotic partners in the dance of the Field. It is estimated that there are more than 25,000 types of bacteria living on Earth. They are everywhere, including inside the human system. As resident co-journers, they perform a myriad of crucial, vital functions in our system. They help break down food and turn it into nutrients that can be used, they assist excretion, they assist in the bloodstream, and much more. The list is very long. As organisms, we act as host to these tiny life-forms. We provide them with conditions essential to their survival, and in return they perform vital life functions on which our own existence depends.

The organization, integration and sheer design value inherent in the cellular and bacterial functions in our body are startling. There is nothing mechanical about these interactions. They are fully organic, more like a flower than a clock. They are a marvel of design, interweaving the oldest life-forms, bacteria and cells, into the very core of current life-forms, ourselves. There is deep intelligence at work here, a formidable intelligence beyond our capacity to comprehend. The Field is at work here, expressing itself in livingness, intricacy, and complex systems that are wonderful to behold. We humans are the beneficiaries of these capabilities. We are both the results and the beneficiaries of the Field’s slowly unfolding optimal thrust.

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