The Radiant Fog

The Field is a cosmos-sized, invisible, alive and aware, Force-field. It can be pictured as a Radiant Fog. This is only one way of attempting to grasp it with images. Other possibilities exist. It could be envisioned as a mammoth electro-magnetic field, with forces operating that are conducive to the creation and sustaining of life. The exact image is not important. Grasping its nature is the point.

By definition, a field is equally located at every point within itself. Its nature is homogeneous throughout. If we choose to focus on the Field as sub-atomic particles emerging from nothingness and disappearing back into space, then this process is the crucial process occurring throughout. If we choose to regard living, intelligent Being as its basic nature, we can see It as a living Matrix of mind, spread across the Cosmos, out of which emerges the three-dimensional realm that we live in.

The point here is that every point in the Field possesses the same miraculous nature and qualities, both the three-dimensional, material forms and the space around and between them. All of it, forms and space, are emerging out of the ground of living, non-manifest Being. It is possible to talk of the ground as an energy field, but this leaves out crucial aspects. An energy field can be understood, in the context of the old, dying Cartesian/Newtonian framework, as a lifeless, mindless, mechanical phenomenon of nature. The Field of Being is the antithesis of this. It is not only aware and intelligent. It is the very principles of intelligence and consciousness themselves. Much closer to the truth is the view that has surfaced at various times in the past, that of considering the universe as mind, as Cosmic Consciousness. This view was the basis of Richard Bucke’s 1905 book,Cosmic Consciousness. Written before any of the discoveries of quantum physics were made, it is still worth reading as an alternative to the mindless, soul-less, mechanical Cartesian/Newtonian worldview of our day, that is now fast disappearing. Viewing the Cosmos as mind is compatible in every way with the new structure of consciousness that is emerging in our time. It is compatible with the new discoveries of quantum physics, with the singularity of the unified field and the realization of absolute inter-connectedness of the web of life that we live in. Living at this time in history is like surfing a huge wave of immense power. We are propelled forward by immense forces that we do not and cannot fully comprehend, toward a future that we cannot envision because it is based on emerging givens that we have never yet experienced. The new structures are not yet fully in place. We are along for the ride, and propelled by the motive force of the wave, as the Field metamorphoses itself continually into new and previously unseen realities. We can only watch in fascination and wonder as the Field reconstitutes itself, and us, into undreamed-of possibilities.

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