The Web of Being

The space of the Cosmos is filled with teeming life, movement, energy, and information. In every cubic foot of space, countless sub-atomic particles are appearing from space and almost instantaneously disappearing back into space. Quantum physics tells us that they are coming into manifest form from their nature as unmanifest waveforms. After a brief residence in the world of forms, they disappear back into their waveforms. In effect, these particles are constantly crossing the boundary from Spirit, or the implicate order, to matter, the explicate order. This is happening everywhere in the Cosmos.

The waveforms are in contact with each other throughout the universe. They are passing information from one to another, rippling outward in expanding circles to the far reaches of the Cosmos. And, this happens instantaneously. The process is not limited to the speed of light. So, the Cosmos instantly records everything that occurs in it. The entire Field gets the information. We are beginning to understand that space in the Cosmos is a vast information system. Physicists Carl Pribram and Walter Schemp theorized that the contents of our mind, and even our memories, are stored not in the brain but in the web of information in space. We simply access it when we need it.

Through the interaction of this giant web of waveforms, everything is linked. We ourselves are exchanging particles with the space around us. We are exchanging particles with the people and things around us. We are interpenetrating the Universe itself. It is our deepest nature. We are woven into the warp and weft of the Universe in the most fundamental way, physically as well as consciously. The web of waveforms is an analog for Being itself. It is the ground of the world, the Matrix out of which manifestation springs. We are not just related to everything. In a very real sense, we are everything. At the deepest level, there is just one thing in the Universe, the Field, pure Being, generative and evolving. We are an integral component of that one thing.

In the current epoch, we are evolving past the archetype of God as a king, at the top of a hierarchy of life, ruling, creating, dispensing justice, punishing, and rewarding. This archetype of God has been in place in our collective psyche for more than five thousand years. It is a phase of our development which we have outgrown and which is now coming to an end.

A new archetype of God is forming as we watch. It is entirely different from the archetype of God as King, a large human. It is an image of a Field of pure, invisible, potential and creativity. The archetypal image is of a cloud of radiant, generative, Living Fog. It is more impersonal than the King archetype, but has fabulous capabilities. The Radiant Fog is alive, conscious, and given to shape-shifting. It can be seen as a Fog of subatomic wave/particles aggregating themselves into forms, each particle playing its unique part to create the temporary, metamorphosing material world. For a period, the particles dedicate themselves to sustaining the three-dimensional form. In due time, they separate, the form disappears, and the particles are recycled into other forms. Viewed dispassionately from this perspective, our world, the forms and beings in it, and the material universe itself have the quality of a three-dimensional hologram changing slowly over time. Reality is not real in the solid way that it appears to us to be real. In a certain sense, it has a virtual character. A mountain is only a temporary arrangement of particles rather than the mountain of solidity that we have always perceived. Our own bodies are similar. Nothing endures except the Field itself. Absolutely everything inside the Field eventually disappears back into It.

Our job, as components in this sound and light show, is to keep the Field and Its wondrous properties and processes forefront in our consciousness. We must endeavor to understand Reality truly as it is happening, and appreciate the gift of participating in It.

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