Democratic Divinity

In a living, cosmic Field of Being, or sub-atomic particles, every particle is equally divine. This is the nature of a field. Conditions within a field, in this case the Universe, are uniform throughout the Field. In science, these conditions would go under the name of “Natural Law.” The prime mover in science over the past 400 years has been the quest to discover Natural Law, the way the Universe functions. The latest discoveries in this respect reveal the Universe to be a Field, a Unified Field. It is only in our lifetime that we have moved into position to consider the Universe as one vast, Unified Field.

Considering each particle in the Field to be equally alive, equally intelligent, equally generative and equally divine makes the leap from secular to sacred. Each particle, like every other particle, is Being itself. Altogether they form the Field, which is Being and which is divine. From the depths of Itself, the Field produces three-dimensional forms, which are arrangements composed of divine particles and so are themselves divine. The particles aggregate to form our world and our Universe, the entirety of which is divine. Nothing exists, or ever could exist, outside of this divine Ocean. After centuries of being split into polarized camps, science and spirituality are converging at last into this fundamental understanding. Evolution is moving us apace.

The importance of moving from the archetype of God as King to God as Field is almost incalculable. Archetypes held in the unconscious shape our perception of human life and reality. The King archetype rests on the concept of hierarchy as the basic model underlying all life. The vertical arrangement of hierarchy allows and endorses the perception that beings at the top of the hierarchical ladder are supremely important, beings just below the top are very important, and beings near the bottom are not important at all. In other words, hierarchy validates the operation of status. Through the millennia, hierarchy, held unconsciously as the primary archetype in the collective psyche, has validated all manner of distortions in human life. Holding the hierarchical archetype makes possible the justification of racism, as well as gender discrimination and all other forms of domination and oppression. It is the antithesis of equality.

The concept of hierarchy is very close to the concept of polarity. Each pulls reality apart into split camps. Hierarchy pulls it apart in a vertical manner, separating high from low, and generally assigning value to the high. Polarity splits reality in a horizontal way, creating opposites—good/bad, beautiful/ugly, valuable/valueless, secular/spiritual, etc.—and assigning value to one pole or the other. Both hierarchy and polarity violate the fundamental principle of the singularity of the Unified Field, as the wisdom traditions have pointed out for many centuries. Getting beyond these splits could transform our individual and collective consciousness.

The Field archetype offers a corrective. Considering every particle in the Field to be equally divine changes the lens entirely. Every single thing composed of particles would have equal value and sacredness, whether living or inanimate. Discrimination and rejection are not consonant with the Field as the fundamental basis of reality. The democratic divinity of particles, that is to say, their identity and equality as minute, divine components of the Field, would confer divinity upon all of Creation. If we could live from the consciously held assumption of a miraculous, living and creative Field composed of miraculous, living and creative particles, all of which are equally important and equally divine, it might help us learn not to trash our world. Value would be conferred by simple existence in the Field. Distinctions that we now make between the valuable and the worthless would be groundless. Life would look very different from this perspective.

We might be able to find our way back to a sense of the sacredness of the Earth and life itself. We might be able to view the Universe with a sense of wonder. We might be able to re-enchant our existence by fully realizing the miraculous nature of life in the Living Field around us.

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