What is Quantum Consciousness?

We are living in the blooming of a new view of reality. The discoveries of quantum physics are rapidly converging with the ancient wisdom traditions, in an evolutionary development that could be called Quantum Consciousness. This new cosmology sees the universe as a "Unified Field" or inter-related web without separate parts, alive, conscious and meaningful. The primary reality is consciousness. The material realm is secondary. Meaning is fundamental. We are evolving at a fierce rate toward these new understandings, and toward a new conception of our own nature. We are all the Cosmos becoming conscious of Itself and turning back to look at Its handiwork.

Jung and Unconscious Modulation

In Jung on Active Imagination (Joan Chodorow, Ed., Chapter 2, Princeton, 1997) Carl Jung creates a map of the way the unconscious works. This map describes a modulating interaction between the conscious and the unconscious that has not received much attention. It is a separate function from the more commonly known function of the unconscious in . . . → Read More: Jung and Unconscious Modulation

Tending the Relationships

There are three relationships that we need to tend simultaneously in our lives. The first relationship is with ourselves. We have an inner environment. We live with it every moment that we are conscious. We cannot escape from it. That relationship with ourselves is ongoing and continuous, and needs to be carefully tended. If we allow . . . → Read More: Tending the Relationships


Wonder is the invisible component of transformation. It is a special kind of consciousness, an expanded state that involves both the mind and the heart. It focuses the mind on generative Being, and produces a subtle thrill throughout the mind and body, as perceptions of and connection to the Cosmos emerge in experience. Wonder opens the . . . → Read More: Wonder


In slow motion, the Field is constantly shifting its shape. It is continually engaged in a process of metamorphosis, re-creating elements, dropping out elements, innovating, evolving Itself, and emerging in new and startling ways. In these processes, the interactions of organisms with their environments shape and reshape them, calling forth new forms. We can see this . . . → Read More: Metamorphosis