What is Quantum Consciousness?

We are living in the blooming of a new view of reality. The discoveries of quantum physics are rapidly converging with the ancient wisdom traditions, in an evolutionary development that could be called Quantum Consciousness. This new cosmology sees the universe as a "Unified Field" or inter-related web without separate parts, alive, conscious and meaningful. The primary reality is consciousness. The material realm is secondary. Meaning is fundamental. We are evolving at a fierce rate toward these new understandings, and toward a new conception of our own nature. We are all the Cosmos becoming conscious of Itself and turning back to look at Its handiwork.

The Quest

The Quest is an impelling desire that comes out of an Essential longing, generally held at the unconscious level. It creates an imperative for action. It organizes libidinal energy and sends it toward the Prize, the thing that appears to offer a solution to the longing. This results in decisions, perceptions and behaviors that take the . . . → Read More: The Quest

Psychic Parts

Jung thought of a complex as a partial personality, an organization of consciousness that has coherence to some degree. He regarded the ego itself as a complex, and talked of the mother complex, the father complex, etc. This vision may have been the origin of parts therapy in modern psychology, as practiced by Virginia Satir and . . . → Read More: Psychic Parts


There is something intrinsic in the masculine psyche or field that is vitally important to the development of a tiny child. It is an essential aspect that is almost indefinable. It emanates from the father, and is absorbed by the child. It could be called ‘Potency’, a combination of will, strength and power. It has latent . . . → Read More: Potency

Passion and Peace

The Western taste for passion in life is part of the orientation toward the heroic, which goes back at least to the Greeks. The desire for passion is also at the core of the Romantic impulse, which is a longing for more intensity of experience, in effect the intensity of experience that rightfully belongs to religious . . . → Read More: Passion and Peace