What is Quantum Consciousness?

We are living in the blooming of a new view of reality. The discoveries of quantum physics are rapidly converging with the ancient wisdom traditions, in an evolutionary development that could be called Quantum Consciousness. This new cosmology sees the universe as a "Unified Field" or inter-related web without separate parts, alive, conscious and meaningful. The primary reality is consciousness. The material realm is secondary. Meaning is fundamental. We are evolving at a fierce rate toward these new understandings, and toward a new conception of our own nature. We are all the Cosmos becoming conscious of Itself and turning back to look at Its handiwork.

The Point and Identity

Identity is the answer to the question: “Who am I?” or “What am I?”  It is the basic way we describe ourselves, not only to other people but also to ourselves. It’s a subject that is usually below the threshold of consciousness. We are born into a social context and the society instructs us how to . . . → Read More: The Point and Identity

The Point

The Point is a living, eternal, indestructible point of light that resides within your heart, though it may move through the body. It is self-luminous, intelligent, and alive. It is an impersonal spark of the Universe, a tiny, glowing bit of Being with all of the qualities of the Cosmos in it. The Point is an . . . → Read More: The Point

The Patterns of Being

We need an evolutionary leap. Now. We have exhausted this current phase in the history of human consciousness. Living intellectually, totally in our heads, and acting on the basis of separateness and self-interest, we have over-populated and trashed the planet, covered it in concrete, and created dysfunctional institutions that thrive on war and exploitation. As a . . . → Read More: The Patterns of Being

The Super-Ego

The Super-Ego is the psychic structure that lays down standards for our behavior. It is formed during childhood through interaction with the parents. It could be described as an internalization of the parents, so that even if they are no longer present guiding and correcting behavior, they are still there as structures in the mind, doing . . . → Read More: The Super-Ego