What is Quantum Consciousness?

We are living in the blooming of a new view of reality. The discoveries of quantum physics are rapidly converging with the ancient wisdom traditions, in an evolutionary development that could be called Quantum Consciousness. This new cosmology sees the universe as a "Unified Field" or inter-related web without separate parts, alive, conscious and meaningful. The primary reality is consciousness. The material realm is secondary. Meaning is fundamental. We are evolving at a fierce rate toward these new understandings, and toward a new conception of our own nature. We are all the Cosmos becoming conscious of Itself and turning back to look at Its handiwork.

Black Essence

Black Essence is power. The subtle organ associated with Black Essence is the Khafi, located in the pituitary gland at the base of the brain. Khafi means hidden. The power of Black Essence is a different kind of power from the ego’s worldly power. Power in the ego’s definition has to do with having power over . . . → Read More: Black Essence

White Essence

White Essence is will. The subtle organ for White Essence is called Sirr. It means secret. The Sirr is found in the Kath, located below the belly button. It is a center of power and dynamism. Will is generated by Being, floods through the Sirr into the organism, and prepares it for performance.

True Will supports Essence . . . → Read More: White Essence

Green Essence

The nature of Green Essence is compassion. Green Essence is important because it has qualities of the heart in it. The heart is the supreme organ, the crucial core organ of the human being. It is the abode of the soul. It is very complex—-multifaceted, multi-chambered, the source of great gifts of intimacy, warmth and feeling. . . . → Read More: Green Essence

Red Essence

Lataif work begins with Red Essence, which is strength. The strength of Red Essence is needed to do the rest of the hard job of transformation.  Transformation of consciousness involves nothing less than moving into a new framework of reality. This is not accomplished quickly or easily. When psychodynamic work is coupled with spiritual work, however, . . . → Read More: Red Essence

The Lataif

The Lataif is a gift of the Sufis. It is a portal to Being. Lataif work involves learning to sense the aspects of Essence as they flow from the Field of the Cosmos through the body. Each aspect is a distinct quality of Being, has a particular color associated with it, and generates an identifiable somatic . . . → Read More: The Lataif