What is Quantum Consciousness?

We are living in the blooming of a new view of reality. The discoveries of quantum physics are rapidly converging with the ancient wisdom traditions, in an evolutionary development that could be called Quantum Consciousness. This new cosmology sees the universe as a "Unified Field" or inter-related web without separate parts, alive, conscious and meaningful. The primary reality is consciousness. The material realm is secondary. Meaning is fundamental. We are evolving at a fierce rate toward these new understandings, and toward a new conception of our own nature. We are all the Cosmos becoming conscious of Itself and turning back to look at Its handiwork.

Livingness/Spaciousness Practice

In order to initiate spiritual transformation, it is usually necessary to have a practice that will lay down new neural pathways and overcome previous conditioning. Whether or not the practice is effective will be demonstrated by its effects in your own consciousness. When working with consciousness, it is advisable to have a preliminary practice preceding the . . . → Read More: Livingness/Spaciousness Practice


Animals, including humans, arrive at the beginning of their existence with a fully developed set of patterns. We call these patterns instincts. They orchestrate the species’ consciousness, perceptions, drives and behaviors. Their various nervous systems are conditioned by the innate order of their species. We call it their nature. Their way of being is highly structured . . . → Read More: Instincts


Ta’wil is perhaps the most fundamental concept in Sufism. It starts with the assumption that Reality consists of layers—a layer of material, a layer of consciousness, a layer of images, a layer of light, a layer of energy, etc. Each of these layers is a coherent realm unto itself, cosmic in size, and pure in its . . . → Read More: Ta’wil