Poetry has a peculiar power. It can dip beneath street consciousness and conduct us to deeper realms. When we approach the mysterious depths of human consciousness, we often feel the need for poetry to express the experiences. At its best, poetry can be both an individual and a universal human experience. As Ira Progoff put it, if you go down deeply enough into your own well, you will hit the underground river common to us all.

Poetry is intrinsically connected to meaning. Poetry is the record of an explosion of inner experience, a momentary convergence of meaning in the mind that, if not recorded, vanishes back into the restless pool of consciousness. At a deeper level, poetry is Being turning to regard Its own qualities and processes.

I Dip Myself Into Your Depths

I dip myself into Your depths.
I touch Your electric Life.
I open myself,
and my cells and my heart,
. . . → Read More: I Dip Myself Into Your Depths

How will I Know

How will I know
when I’m moved by You?
What should I look for now?
. . . → Read More: How will I Know

I Am

I am
a momentary,
and temporary,
. . . → Read More: I Am

When I Find Myself

When I find myself
lost in the four shades,
from emptiness,
. . . → Read More: When I Find Myself

I’m Here

I’m here,
I’m aware,
I’m expectant.
I’m ready to give my all.
. . . → Read More: I’m Here

Meaning Is At The Heart Of Things

Meaning is at the heart of things.
We search and search to find it.
We feel it can be,
and we sometimes see, . . . → Read More: Meaning Is At The Heart Of Things

Why Was I Sent Here

Why was I sent here
to walk the earth
and what am I
supposed to do?
. . . → Read More: Why Was I Sent Here

Can I Find Ways To Deepen

Can I find ways to deepen,
to touch the Living Mystery?
Can I be trained to open
my cells to the Sublime? . . . → Read More: Can I Find Ways To Deepen

What Is It That

What is it that
I’m supposed to do
in this time
when the world’s gone wrong?
. . . → Read More: What Is It That

Give Me A Moment Of Splendor

Give me a moment of splendor.
Open my little self.
Bloom my heart into a great thing.
Empty my mind and fire my nerves . . . → Read More: Give Me A Moment Of Splendor